Project ‘Civil Twilight’

Here’s a worthy endeavor: create a world with less light pollution, so people in cities can enjoy more of the night sky. Of course, we have to become less scared of each other, and more familiar with the beauty surrounding us, but such an effort would have a positive ripple effect around the globe. One result would be far less energy used for lighting.

The ‘Civil Twilight’ Design Collective received a $10,000 design award in 2007. They showed the feasibility of modifying existing streetlights to only cast as much illumination as exists naturally when the sun is depressed six degrees below the horizon on nights of a full moon. Here is an article with more information!

Art on the Desk

Cleaning up piles of stuff – that time of the year again – and I came across a business card I’d scarfed off an artist when I was lucky enough to go to Laguna Beach last year. Check out his site! He has a style I hadn’t seen before. Some great stuff. And now my desk is one card lighter! And I’ll be able to actually find the information behind the paper that is now gone. It is a good day 🙂

Oh, yeah. For searching purposes, his name is Michael Phillips. Or you can just call him mr. durden – idiot/genius.

Nathan Milstein

Uff da! (Or something like that!)

While channel-surfing I came across Nathan Milstein playing Ottokar Nováček’s “Perpetuum Mobile” on the Arts Channel. All I can say is “Wow!” It is always a great thrill to come across a master I had not known about, and he definitely belongs in that category! Wikipedia indicated his Paganiniana is another great work, and my mind was blown for a second time tonight!